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If you are confused then probably you are a thinker...as only a thinker is likely to get mixed up.

Philosophy...much different from what is believed...is a product of emotions ; not of intellect !

Let us go for such a ride…where there is no pushing
…come ! let us ride on the waves of water !

Ever after is the ‘here and now’
And knowing this I felt good somehow !

While a tourist goes on vacation…a traveler walks in rain !

When people say that  ego is always negative, they forget that self-esteem is another name for positive ego !

Human Race...or ...Simply Rat Race ?

Intense intellect normally selects red herring for a clue but feelings are true!

He is called a master...who runs a bit faster...on circumference of logic....our judgment is tragic !

All Colors reflect Life and Beauty....Let us not simply color our vision!

You dont have to be a psychic....or a thoroughbred mystic....to see the beauty... of things organic !

Life seems like a war fought each day...in search of peace !

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