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Humor and Satire
When corporate biggies say "It is a Dog’s life"...they are insulting the dogs !

To talk of values and ethics in business ? Same as in life...be crude...but with a finesse !

It is hard to decide who are more in number...soldiers...arms dealers or global peace plumbers !

Only death gives us glory....Those gone are surely great...You shall be accepted....only when you are 'late' !

Great poets, writers and thinkers… shall come and go forever
They cannot change a thing…but shall fill library shelves, however

For your words and your actions
There are clearly two factions
One that toes the line…gang of successful conformists
And other…out of box mavericks…outsiders and misfits !

Marginal utility is a term that is great
   First chocolate tastes heavenly…not so if you have eight !

The only true artists are the clowns in a circus
 They know each trick…but goof up…just to amuse us !

Schools are not RIGHT…they promote LEFT BRAIN !

Formal education in schools….for MAL EDUCATION ?

Agenda for the day quite  often is repeated
Like in most board meetings….motion for change is defeated !

When a genius ceases to be a threat to the society....he is acknowledged as great !

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