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A to Z Fundas of living is a humorous series of questions - answers between two friends… Anman and Zunzach
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"What if we could not ask what if ?"
Dear Psychoanalyst
Dear Psycho:
How is business ? Must have made a lot of HEAD way since we last met ! You’ve almost given up your habit of writing to me ! Is it some defense mechanism ?
Remember the good old days… when we could simply put our feet up and relax ! No one looked for hidden skeletons in any cupboard !...    more»
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Humor and A to Z 'fundas' of living
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An 'unassuming' mentor & friend
Creative Networking !
"Day dreaming or reverie is the key to creativity."

Well...day dreaming is looked down upon by most parents/teachers and other 'guides'! But in the realms of crea...    more»


These are the famous triplets of Psychology…

Wikipedia defines them as…

Id, ego, and super-ego are the three parts of the "psychic apparatus" defined in Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche; they are the three theoretical constructs in terms of whose activity and interaction mental life is described. According to this model, the uncoordinated instinctual trends are the "id"; the organized realistic part of the psyche is the "ego," and the critical and moralizing function the "super-ego."

The id is responsible for our basic drives such as food, water, sex, and basic impulses. It is amoral and egocentric, ruled by the pleasure–pain principle.

Is our brain a friend

Is our brain our friend ???
Many think our brain is our lord and master !!!
To some extent we all believe so !!!We ask our brain...we listen to our brain....we swear by our brain....

...    more»
TRIUND TREK upper Dharamshala
TRIUND ....a mind blowing trek !
Everything was in order…I made all the preparations for the trek next morning….I checked my shoes…managing  with my regular sport shoes…which I later realized is ...    more»
Pego Videos
Dialogue with Omar Khayyam

Dialogue with Omar Khayyam

This is a dialogue with a forgotten friend
  Who probably lost his way…on a certain bend
Of life’s road…and to wine he turned
   I wish… he saw a beginning ….in every end

....    more»
Creativity in Education

Have you ever wondered?

I had a great desire to ask this question from the pundits of education,
But instead. I thought I shall make an attempt myself...    more»
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