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"Marriage is a compromise...that is why we talk of a position like that...and compromise...often... is a promise to commit to the impossible !"
A cryptic tale of Corbett
solve it at your own peril ! )

This is the story of a strange G-SISTER living with a dynamic E-GRIT in a disturbed GLUNJE....a famous thick OF REST. She ran after  jumping REED , especially exotic E-CHASTEL , killed the ugly DRAWBOIL , hated naughty PLATE HEN and often chased away the mystic ALEDROP.

In this GLUNJE there  also lived vicious PHONTSY , gutless L-DARZIS , a few ultra LOWS and flying AGELES.

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One great Zen master was a carpenter, and whenever he made tables, chairs, somehow they had some ineffable quality in th...    more»
Copenhagen talks are a dismal reflection

Copenhagen talks amply reflect the immaturity of the mature democracies !!!

(picture courtesy: dailymail.co.uk)

Gordon Brown  PM of UK, became the first world leader to fly into Copenhagen last night where he warned there was a possibility the climate change talks may not end in agreement.

The prime minister is attending the talks two days earlier than planned in order to help broker discussions on who should pay to tackle global warming. But he immediately cast a gloomy pall, telling reporters in Copenhagen: "It is possible that we will not get an agreement and it is also true that there are many issues to be sorted out."

The Copenhagen summit talks are so deeply flawed that it would be better if they failed, one of the world’s leading climate change scientists, Dr James Hansen, has said. 

Sonya's Tips on Health

Sonya's Tips on Health

Sonya Fe, The Famous American Artist , Shares her health food Secrets...

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Romantic Holidays at Taj Mahal
Romantic Holiday at Taj Mahal, the Monument of Love!(from : http://travelkrazyann.wordpress.com/)
Taj , the monument of love stands on the banks of river Yamuna , in Agra , as beautiful as ever !...    more»
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View from My Window
My window has a view of this world outside and I am often fascinated by my window.....

My window always looks for possibilities and it never tires of looking at the world !....    more»
Debit what comes in and credit what goes out;and this is how you learn book keeping no doubt !
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