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Pego ToonsPegotoons

Unique cartoons on different aspects of life !
Brush with PoetryBrush with poetry

Unique combination of Painting
and Poetry on a Theme
A to ZA to Z

A to Z Fundas of living is a humorous series of questions - answers between two friends… Anman and Zunzach
Pego in VersePego in Verse

Unique poetry on …Nature,
Point of view, Humor,
Philosophy, Travel etc.
Pego PicksPego Picks

Editorial Punch….on aspects like Current Affairs, Business, Economics, Politics, Education

Your own creative space !
Art GalleryArt Gallery

Unique art on PEGOMAG

Literally different stories, letters
of spirit and literary miscellany

Nuggets on Spirituality for every day living !

Your own creative space !
"BOOT Differently(OOBT: Out Of Box Thinking) and give a new  Kick Start to life !"
Vincent Van Gogh

Dear Vincent:

You must be wondering why am I writing to you. Probably the only person who has ever written to you, in the past, has been your brother Theo.

Anyhow, one must be open to the ever changing world. Hope you are doing fine ! What is the score ? Do you still paint a canvas a day...or have you stopped counting !

...    more»
A platform for all creative individuals 16 to 61
Free Thinking and Out of Box Ideas
Unique Poetry and literature
Every Day Spirituality
An agent for Change !!!
For your Reading Pleasure !
Humor and A to Z 'fundas' of living
Great Art
An 'unassuming' mentor & friend
Creative Networking !
Let us be creative..... child-like....and say no to Isms.......and then....we wont have to worry about being spiritual !!!
Spirituality and creativity are twins under the skin......    more»
Bottom(Line)...Getting to the bottom !

Bottom( Line ) Is….Getting to the bottom !

Here are two dictionary results for bottom line….

The final balance; the amount of money or profit left after everything has been tallied; The summary or result; the most important information; the upshot; the net-net

• the last line in an audit; the line that shows profit or loss
• the decisive point

Double bottom line is a business term used in socially responsible enterprise and investment.

Health Food Fads

Health Food Fads

Definitions of Food Faddism….( courtesy internet)

Food faddism and fad diet usually refer to idiosyncratic diets and eating patterns.

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The Hypnotising Taj Mahal
Taj is a magical monument !!!

Although it is situated in a city that is far from great !
Taj in the twilight....Taj in the full moon...
Taj from a lover's eyes......    more»
Pego Videos
Talking Flowers
Talking Flowers
Once a little boy
went for a walk in a park
and there he saw some flowers
...hug each other and talk
He went near these flowers....    more»
THE* PROJECT....or The Human Excellence Project ...is a special initiative from PEGO UNIVERSE and bhaskarbenjamin to ...    more»
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Our Forum called CREATIVE EXPRESSO is waiting for you !
Your own creative Space....Portfolios on PEGOMAG !!!
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Happy FIFTH BIRTHDAY ... PEGOMAG!!! 14th January 2014.... ...and wishes for many more !
पॉजिटिव ईगो ....जो कि आत्म सम्मान का ही दूसरा नाम है.... उसे हम अभी नहीं पहचानते....