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Pego ToonsPegotoons

Unique cartoons on different aspects of life !
Brush with PoetryBrush with poetry

Unique combination of Painting
and Poetry on a Theme
A to ZA to Z

A to Z Fundas of living is a humorous series of questions - answers between two friends… Anman and Zunzach
Pego in VersePego in Verse

Unique poetry on …Nature,
Point of view, Humor,
Philosophy, Travel etc.
Pego PicksPego Picks

Editorial Punch….on aspects like Current Affairs, Business, Economics, Politics, Education

Your own creative space !
Art GalleryArt Gallery

Unique art on PEGOMAG

Literally different stories, letters
of spirit and literary miscellany

Nuggets on Spirituality for every day living !

Your own creative space !
"Love for nature is the surest....and possibly the only way... to achieve conservation"
Pegoland...the Novel

Pegoland is a unique novel written by bhaskarbenjamin.

PEGOLAND....is the Positive Ego Land....where all beings are connected in their thoughts.Everyone knows what others are thinking...but the emotions are not hooked onto the universal transmitter-receiver of thoughts !!!

Pegoland is a land sphere where there is no religion...no countries....no hierarchy....no dogmas....no ownership...no negativity !

The land is abundant in creativity and love

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A platform for all creative individuals 16 to 61
Free Thinking and Out of Box Ideas
Unique Poetry and literature
Every Day Spirituality
An agent for Change !!!
For your Reading Pleasure !
Humor and A to Z 'fundas' of living
Great Art
An 'unassuming' mentor & friend
Creative Networking !

"Form (sound and rhythm), Feelings (love , faith etc.) and Ideas (knowledge) when harnessed, can transform the latent psychic forces in this world."

It is not&...    more»

Freethinking is very Expensive

Free Thinking

Let me quote something related to FREETHINKING from WIKIPEDIA...

“Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that beliefs should be formed on the basis of science and logic and should not be influenced by emotion, authority, tradition, or any dogma. The cognitive application of freethought is known as freethinking, and practitioners of freethought are known as freethinkers.

A line from Clifford’s Credo by the 19th Century British mathematician and philosopher William Kingdon Clifford perhaps best describes the premise of freethought: “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” (see evidentialism) Since many laws, doctrines, and popular beliefs are based on dogmas, freethinkers’ opinions are often at odds with commonly held established views.

De Stress Yourself
What is stress? Encyclopedia Britannica defines stress as: “In psychology and biology, (stress is) any strain or interference that disturbs the functioning of an organism. The human being responds to physical and psychological stress with a com...    more»
TRIUND TREK upper Dharamshala
TRIUND ....a mind blowing trek !
Everything was in order…I made all the preparations for the trek next morning….I checked my shoes…managing  with my regular sport shoes…which I later realized is ...    more»
Pego Videos
Woman is

A woman is...

the one who woos men...

(...and of course... ) men  too woo women !

a mystery...or a (Miss ) Tree with no shade

or a tree of mysteries

or a solace to the tired wanderer

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Has internet killed the reading habit

Has internet killed the reading habit ???
Here is an excerpt from Yahoo Answers: (The best answer)
“In this technological modern world people in general buy less informative reading...    more»

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