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Pego ToonsPegotoons

Unique cartoons on different aspects of life !
Brush with PoetryBrush with poetry

Unique combination of Painting
and Poetry on a Theme
A to ZA to Z

A to Z Fundas of living is a humorous series of questions - answers between two friends… Anman and Zunzach
Pego in VersePego in Verse

Unique poetry on …Nature,
Point of view, Humor,
Philosophy, Travel etc.
Pego PicksPego Picks

Editorial Punch….on aspects like Current Affairs, Business, Economics, Politics, Education

Your own creative space !
Art GalleryArt Gallery

Unique art on PEGOMAG

Literally different stories, letters
of spirit and literary miscellany

Nuggets on Spirituality for every day living !

Your own creative space !
"Oh ! Ode to the code ! Traffic lights on life’s road…Where a free spirit is blocked….schools hate to be shocked !!!"
Dear Detective

Detective Die-Hard
Sleuth Street
Red Herring Avenue
Whodunit Woods


Dear Detective :

We are clueless about your mysterious silence ! Please reconstruct the scene for us !!!

What is keeping you busy ? Still snooping around ? 

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A platform for all creative individuals 16 to 61
Free Thinking and Out of Box Ideas
Unique Poetry and literature
Every Day Spirituality
An agent for Change !!!
For your Reading Pleasure !
Humor and A to Z 'fundas' of living
Great Art
An 'unassuming' mentor & friend
Creative Networking !
Aristotle said "a mind of a human can develop to the fullest only when the society is so organized that it releases man from the constant anxiety to stay alive"

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Why are  new ideas often  rejected

Here is the truth !


Inspite  of a lot of lip service favoring creativity , people who call the shots in Education or Management or Governance feel threatened by new ideas that take them away from the 'comfort zones'.

Even in well intentioned brain storming sessions where the agenda often is CHANGE ...new ideas laced with nothing else but raw creativity are not welcome.

Diet Myths
Diet Myths

There are a lot of myths floating around with respect to dieting !
Well....there is nothing holistic about these 'fad' theories... ...    more»
Travel Dos and Don'ts

Travel Dos and Don’ts

Here is a list of ten NO-NO items…while you are travelling/on a vacation !

(from travelkrazyann’s blog at http://travelkrazy...    more»

Pego Videos
Woman is

A woman is...

the one who woos men...

(...and of course... ) men  too woo women !

a mystery...or a (Miss ) Tree with no shade

or a tree of mysteries

or a solace to the tired wanderer

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THE* PROJECT....or The Human Excellence Project ...is a special initiative from PEGO UNIVERSE and bhaskarbenjamin to ...    more»
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Our Forum called CREATIVE EXPRESSO is waiting for you !
Your own creative Space....Portfolios on PEGOMAG !!!
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Happy FIFTH BIRTHDAY ... PEGOMAG!!! 14th January 2014.... ...and wishes for many more !
पॉजिटिव ईगो ....जो कि आत्म सम्मान का ही दूसरा नाम है.... उसे हम अभी नहीं पहचानते....