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Unique cartoons on different aspects of life !
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Unique combination of Painting
and Poetry on a Theme
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A to Z Fundas of living is a humorous series of questions - answers between two friends… Anman and Zunzach
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Unique poetry on …Nature,
Point of view, Humor,
Philosophy, Travel etc.
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Editorial Punch….on aspects like Current Affairs, Business, Economics, Politics, Education

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Unique art on PEGOMAG

Literally different stories, letters
of spirit and literary miscellany

Nuggets on Spirituality for every day living !

Your own creative space !
"In the jungle ....there are no ganglords...no terrorists no don...and there are no role players...as there are no masks to put on !"
Dear Yellow

Yellow Fellow
Royal Society of Brushes
Paint Square
Land Escape

Dear Yellow:

Hope this finds you in the VIBGYOR !

I hear strange rumors about your living –in relationship with a paint company’s shade card ?

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A platform for all creative individuals 16 to 61
Free Thinking and Out of Box Ideas
Unique Poetry and literature
Every Day Spirituality
An agent for Change !!!
For your Reading Pleasure !
Humor and A to Z 'fundas' of living
Great Art
An 'unassuming' mentor & friend
Creative Networking !

Yogis seem to know the method of absorbing the energy directly from Sun or from Cosmic rays….and they can dispense with food altogether.

Food is a mass of energy. Food...    more»

Slum Dog Millionaire

Slum Dog Millionnaire

Slum dog millionaire is making waves! All over the world! But what has dogged a certain set of sensitive souls is the usage of the word ‘dog’.

It has been argued that slum dog is a coinage ….combining two words: Underdog and a slum dweller!

Health Food Fads

Health Food Fads

Definitions of Food Faddism….( courtesy internet)

Food faddism and fad diet usually refer to idiosyncratic diets and eating patterns.

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Romantic Holidays at Taj Mahal
Romantic Holiday at Taj Mahal, the Monument of Love!(from : http://travelkrazyann.wordpress.com/)
Taj , the monument of love stands on the banks of river Yamuna , in Agra , as beautiful as ever !...    more»
Pego Videos
 Wild Boar
Wild Boar
Wild boar is a big mouthed  pig
 it is the ancestor
    of the domestic pig
It is a great game for hunting
….it is swift, clever growling  and grunting !....    more»
Debit what comes in and credit what goes out;and this is how you learn book keeping no doubt !
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पॉजिटिव ईगो ....जो कि आत्म सम्मान का ही दूसरा नाम है.... उसे हम अभी नहीं पहचानते....